The CIV is part of the Dutch police and is active in the field of public order and safety in football. Together with the police and security partners, the CIV is aimed at preventing, reducing and combating hooliganism and violence..

The CIV collects, integrates, distributes, identifies and evaluates the CIV relevant knowledge and information about football for police and security partners. In this way an environment where information, experiences and successful approaches can be exchanged. CIV It thus provides an effective contribution to information and encourages smarter collaboration.

It plays a pioneering CIV in the propagation and realization of an international soccer exchange of security related information and experiences. In a network of 33 so-called National Football Information Points (NFIP) to exchange information on international competitions and the conduct of supporters' groups.

Dutch Police Team
The CIV in the name of the Dutch police the partial implementation of the police preparations, export and aftercare of matches of the Dutch national team. Including through the deployment and management of the Dutch Police Team (NPT for short). The NPT helps Orange fans at home and abroad, under the responsibility of the local police.